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How would your life change if you could re-wire your thought processes to tap into your true potential? What if it is possible to have everything you want for your life? Today your time has come. To enter the land of opportunity and take control of your life because complacency and mediocracy is not part of who you are or who you want to be.

As a Life Mentor-Coach my goal is to help you activate your true potential so that you become empowered and lead a life that is full of prosperity,happiness, wealth, and celebration. I provide support, guidance and accountability as we work together to meet your goals and objectives. Whether you  seek life coaching to enhance all areas of your life or you desire to achieve a specific outcome I can help you get there at a faster pace. The services that I provide will bring to life any issues or obstacles that hinder you from turning your goals and dreams into reality.            

Many people convince themselves that there is no use for a coach. What is your opinion? I know in my life, coaches always helped me. They pushed me physically, mentally and spiritually to get out of my comfort zone and strive for growth. An example I like to use is an olympic athlete. How difficult is it to get a gold metal EXTREMELY!  A key ingredient in attaining such a prestigious medal is the coach. The athlete and the coach have different perceptions on what the physical and mental limits are. The coach creates a more challenging and demanding environment where the athlete is challenged at a higher level– physically, mentally, technically, tactically, emotionally – than what the athlete was preparing for. The truth is, we all need a coach, someone that can partner with us and be by our side holding us accountable as we pursue our dreams and create our own reality.

If their is something with in you wanting and needing to to create a more fulfilling and meaningful life, I look forward to working with you.Contact me today for a FREE CONSULTATION (626-422-0699) and let the transformation begin. Make It So.

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My Story

​Hi, I'm Inmer (Tony) ,

I have learned that in life we will encounter times of unbelievable hardship and difficulty and we have a choice to let these experiences make us or break us. As long as God gives me life I choose to be unbreakable.

I was born in 1975 during the Guatemalan Civil War. It is estimated that over 200,000 people died or disappeared during this conflict. A few years after I was born my father left to the USA and left my mother with 6 kids and due to his instability and alcohol abuse problem he did not send or provide mom any help. A few years later mom died I was 4 and me and all my brothers and sisters went separate ways into different homes with aunts uncles and family friends. I lived with an uncle who was abusive yet I am grateful that he brought me to the USA when I was 5. In the US we lived in a 1 bedroom apartment and my room was the closet. It was not to bad, my uncle put foam under the carpet so I would not be sleeping on the hard floor. I always felt left out and my uncle ruled with the sincho (belt). Like any young boy I would get into some trouble. One day my uncle decided to drop me off at my fathers apartment complex. I did not know who my father was or where he lived but my uncle told me to ask around and I would find him. I did eventually find him. He was drunk as a sailor lived in a studio apartment with 5 other drunks. My tenure there only lasted a few months because I got hurt my teacher thought I was being abused at home and notified the Department of Children Services.  They took me to a Foster Home where I stayed for 3 years until my foster mom due to an illness could no longer take care of me. Sadly a few years later she passed away. My next placement was a Boys Home where about 65 kids resided.  I lived in a cottage with 8 other boys and different staff took care of us. At this point in life I was 11 and I knew I just had to keep taking the blows . I don't remember being angry ,sad, or mad Instead I remember feeling confused yet alert , alive, awake, enthusiastic.

I later moved to a Group home when I was 13 and lived there until I emancipated. Of course with no where to go since I had no family. I struggled finding a place to live and getting a job. I worked hard for about 6 months applying anywhere an everywhere and eventually I got three job offers. I took all 3 and worked all three while I went to Jr. College. Finally I was fired from one because I was so tired I did not make it to work one Saturday morning to set up for a wedding reception--- there was some very unhappy people to say the least. After that I worked two jobs for a while and made a hard decision to be homeless and live in my truck for a while so I could pay for my school so I would not have any debt when I graduated.

I managed to get my bachelors degree in Business Management, Masters Degree in Human and Organizational Development and am pursuing a PHD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  I have also held great management positions at UPS and Union Pacific Rail Road. I love real-estate investing , I own multiple properties and I enjoy the stock market. On a personal level I am PASSIONATE about life and I have a beautiful wife and two lovely daughters.

I know sometimes it feels like things are stacked against us, and It's difficult to think or see clearly but consider how many people succeed despite the odds. Make-it-so-contact me, I'm here to help you achieve greatness.